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Empowering your bilingual community


     Celebrating five years of successful operation, SevenSees is offering cognitively challenging and stimulating presentations for your bilingual and international community.  If your community is in thirst of eye-opening, exciting, humorous, jaw dropping, enduring, meaningful presentations, MABII is indubitably for your community.  



What is MABII?



MABII offers lectures, presentations, and talks to schools and organizations that promote international cooperation and operations at your own school, organization, or business sites. You can think MABII as university level classes, lectures and seminars offered for the lay public, right in your backyard.  MABII talks can be treated as an academic refurbishment that may give your community some new insights, even a jump start for a new academic year.  MABII seminars may be constructed to be a petite professional development opportunity as well.  Once again emphasizing: MABII is for everyone. 



What makes MABII unique and fitting for your international community?



MABII lectures and presentations are on the cutting-edge of language education, human development, and psychology.  Our presentations challenge the current Cartesian duality model of understanding an individual by incorporating the notion on how learning and acquiring English as a foreign or second language may alter the way we think and behave.   Current theoretical models rely heavily on a monolithic understanding of human existence. That is, when posed the question, “How can we interpret human development and psychology from a person who navigates through two or more cultures?”  The answer remains unsettling. 



By embodying multitudes of conceptual models such as Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, Carl Jung, Rene Descartes, Erik Erikson, James Marcia, Robert Kegan, and the list goes on, MABII boldly inquires the effects of bilingualism and biculturalism on human development. 



Simply stated, acquiring another language, especially of English, is not restricted solely to communication.  Learning another language transforms the individual. English alters the way you see the world. The individual acquires new perspectives, new schemas, new ways to introspect and understand who he or she is, and launches a path on becoming a change agent.  



Who will benefit from MABII?



Businesses, institutions, organizations, and schools that are operating from a global and international agenda. Prior knowledge in the topics are not necessary.  Presentations are orchestrated for all audiences regardless of cultural and educational backgrounds.  

MABII Introduction by presenter

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