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Empowering the Bilingual Community

SevenSees Bilingual and International Schools Talks Series site is being updated.  



Purpose of the Bilingual and International Schools Talk Series presentations


The purpose of the Bilingual and International Schools Talk Series is to offer presentations about tips and tricks on how to navigate the rapidly evolving world.  The presentations are one-of-kind and unique in three ways.  First, all presentations are orchestrated to meet the needs of the bilingual community especially in English and Japanese.  Second, all presentations are supported by scholarly platforms.  Last, all presentations are a culmination of Dr. Yujiro Shimogori’s  experience working over 30 years in the USA and Japan in three bilingual programs in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and five universities in California and Tokyo. 




Presentation is targeted to the English speaking community including the educational and business sectors.  


Presentation format


While each presentation follows an on-site 60 minute format plus Q&A, we welcome any suggestions and accommodations to fit the needs of our prospective clientele.